What is the central issue?

The micro-tax initiative aims to replace the value-added tax (VAT), the direct federal tax and the stamp duty with a micro-tax that is automatically levied on every electronic transaction. The micro-tax will relieve the burden on the lower and middle classes because the financial industry will now also contribute to the tax income. Those who have a lot of money will pay more taxes in future. The focus is on the immense transactions in computerised trade disconnected from the real economy. In addition, high costs can be saved because the tax is levied automatically, and transparency is brought into the opaque financial and tax system.

Here is all the information you need to collect signatures. Many thanks for your commitment!

How do I best address people?

Be self-confident and approach people openly. A friendly "hello" is a good start. Get straight to the point so that they know what it is all about. Be convinced of your concern, but also respect other opinions. People with some time are more receptive than people passing by. And the most important thing: Stick to it. Every signature counts!

Advice: Addressing a whole group increases efficiency, but also requires more self-confidence. A little humour never hurts.

How do I collect signatures?

  1. Use a new signature sheet for each municipality. Larger communities often have several postal codes. For example, 3003 Bern and 3012 Bern both belong to the municipality of Bern. In this case, one sheet is enough.
  2. Only people with voting rights may sign.
    ​​​​​​​The person must be at least 18 years old and have a Swiss passport.
  3. Always ask where the person signing is registered.
    • Although many people live in the city, they could be weekly residents and therefore only have the right to vote in another municipality.
    • Swiss people abroad should always give their current address abroad. The municipality in which the person was last registered is then shown under municipality. Use only one sheet per person and mark "Swiss abroad".
  4. Quotation marks are not permitted. If you have addressed two people who live in the same place, both must note the street and house number.
  5. Give the collected signatures to a person in charge on site or send them by mail to «Mikrosteuer-Initiative, Postfach 6, 9215 Schönenberg».

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